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Hi everyone. This is Lee (my pen name) and I am a SEO consultant and Web Designer in Canada. This is my new venture which is more like an expirement on how I can increase traffic and sales by only providing  really helpful information to those looking for SEO and Web design services. I am currently following a few blogs and internet pioneers who make income by consultancy and get clients mainly from their own blog website.

I am making this post sticky, just so everyone knows that I am not selling anything here – this is just to provide you with some great information. If you are however looking for services in your local area – I have added a few partner listings on this site.

If you are a business looking for web design or SEO, you can contact the partner companies. Alternatively, you can contact me if you want SEO consultancy directly.

If you are a Web Design SEO Company looking to become a partner, you can contact me to setup a conversation.

Enjoy reading!