SEO for a Small Business Owner


Last weekend, I went out for drinks with a very good friend of mine. After three rounds of alcohol, laughter and catching up, my friend took me for an interrogation about the work I do (apart from Engineering ofcourse!). As I began to explain the digital marketing work that I do, he took a long pause – I’m sure with alcohol already in his system, i needed time to decode everything and absorb. He looked at the bartender and ordered for the 4th round and he turned towards me, throwing a very obvious question for which most of the clients and/or potential clients demand a convincing clarification.

He asked “How does it help small businesses?”
I knew where he was getting with this. We’ve been friends for long enough to know that he can only talk his concerns once he has some vodka in his belly.

My friend runs a small business but he is too egoistic to ask for help as well as he is also very skeptical about investing in marketing of a business. And frankly, ever since I’ve started this venture with SEO marketing, I’ve gained a mastery in defending it’s case. not because it is my source of income; I myself, truly believe in the success of a business using SEO techniques. Point being, no matter how drunk I am, I can still successfully explain how amazing SEO marketing is.

So the conversation between me and my friend went like this:
(I had to sober this up a little bit as we all know what happens when two drunk friends talk!)

Friend: How does it help small businesses?
Me:  SEO is all about visibility mate! It’s all about appearing in front of your target audience. You can even work out of your garage and still take away customers from massive brands if your product is good!

Friend: But man, I don’t have so much money to put aside for just some SEO crap!
Me: SEO doesn’t always have to be massively expensive. but ofcourse you will need to make a decent investment if you want an expert professional – like me (flips the collar)! But hey, trust me, you will make much more than what you invest with me once you start SEO marketing in Calgary region.

Friend: Hey, i get the whole point of being on Google search page and all that. but what if i disappear once the money is spent? I’ll have to invest more to come back again? It’s a vicious cycle dude.
Me: With a well executed SEO campaign, you’ll continue to appear in the search results for long after you’ve finished. I would say it is wise to make your campaign an ongoing one if you want to keep seeing the best results possible in relation to the calls and queries, but it’s not like you will drop in rankings the minute campaign goes off air!

Friend: Hmm…You dont sound drunk even after four rounds of alcohol. I’ve a rapid fire for you. Tell me 4 good reasons why I should invest in SEO marketing. And you have 30 seconds – 3…2…1 (looks at his watch)
Me: increases traffic to your website
helps in brand building and recognition
reach potential, unexplored marketings without geographical barriers
out-do your competitors
And lastly – as an additional brownie point, Help your friend here (gesturing at myself)

As soon as he heard this, he froze and in the next moment, he stood up and hugged me.
“I want to discuss this for my business – please remind me once I’m sober” and he decided to walk away.

Did he take SEO marketing up eventually?
That’s a secret I’ll never tell ;)

But hey, if you want to discuss how SEO can help your business grow, do not hesitate to contact me. We dont believe in formal meetings confined to conference rooms and offices. We can meet at a cafe, in a bar or even when you want to walk your dog!

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