Why are backlinks used as a ranking factor?


Hey guys….

I was asked this question by one of my clients a few weeks back and I thought I should write about it. So why are backlinks important to google?

How does it fit it?

Well backlinks are nothing but referral links….nothing too complicated. Google uses a link to your site as a ranking factor because in a perfect world these links are supposed to be relevant and are supposed to drive referral traffic to your website.

For example if you have a website about cancer research which has great content and the latest research news. It is highly likely that your website might get linked by another similar website about incurable diseases.

So google sees this in a way to promote healthy traffic across the web and at the same time use this to gauge the popularity of your website.

Here’s my other website where I mention more about live backlinks and SEO services.

In the above page, I describe how backlinks are important for SEO and how they are actually supposed to be used.

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