Why do we need responsive Web Designing?


Hey guys


We have been talking a lot about SEO and Backlinks and there is way more information to provide in the coming weeks, however this post will be focused more on website designing.


Responsive web designing – This term has been thrown around plenty of times especially from the past few years since it has become all about the smartphones and tablets etc.


Why do we need responsive web design?


Well the simple answer is to get all those smartphone users who use their in-phone browsers to find your business. How? The simple static websites don’t respond to the screen size of the device – hence the user has to zoom in to browse your website – this ends up in the client leaving your website and maybe visiting your competitors that he can read better.


Therefore a responsive website will really help in keeping those visitors on your website and bring more as well.


Our designers and partner companies are specialized in Responsive Web Designing – PWM like myself don’t even create normal static websites anymore.
So if you are a web designer or someone needing a new website – don’t forget to ask for a responsive website design.